Elder Financial Issues
  • Increased cash flow without increased risk
  • Living longer than your money
  • Avoiding Identity theft 
  • When to start Social Security
  • Estate plan hijacked
  • Interpreting financial information
  • Alternatives to long term care expensive policies
  • Recovery from fraud

  • Victims of elder financial fraud are three times likely to die prematurely.  They have the lowest five year survival rate tied to caregiver neglect.
  • Seniors with a financial plan live over two years longer
  • ​20% of the elderly are victims of financial fraud to the extent that it changes their standard of living.
  • ​Over 90% of elder frauds are NEVER REPORTED . . . because they are afraid.
Stealing money from the elderly is just as deadly as leaving them starving, un-medicated, or chained to a bed.