There are several hundred ways a couple can apply for Social Security.  However, you should not evaluate how you take Social Security without considering other issues – it is too complicated.
  • We can evaluate your alternatives since all parts of your cash flow affect each other
  •  We can examine your incoming cash flow including Social Security, pensions, salary, investment income & insurance contracts.
  • We can consider your outgoing cash flow such as living expenses, medical expenses & taxes.
  • We also consider retirement risks including tax law risk, work-related risk, inflation risk, market risk, health risk, longevity risk, loss of spouse risk & public policy risk.
  • We can help you create an income stream that you will not outlive
  • This is a free service for most seniors over age 55

You may recall when the Indianapolis Business Journal published a collection of my writings on the subject in book form, “Common Sense Retirement Planning.”  


Since 1982, when I became a Certified Financial Planner, I have helped seniors with their retirement planning and risk avoidance. Since one out of five seniors is a victim of financial fraud -- by being a Certified Fraud Examiner -- I can help them avoid financial fraud.
“If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” If you are over age 55, make sure your financial adviser has sufficient life experience to guide you. Ask them if they have experienced the following life events:  Greg has:

•    Signing up for Medicare and Social Security benefits
•    Had a family member die while he was holding their hand
•    Been the executor of a family member’s estate
•    Visiting a nursing home to see a close relative
•    Visiting a hospice to support a close relative
•    Survived third-stage cancer
•    Has a family member with a disability
•    Has a special grandchild that needs financial help